Alen Matters

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Alen Matters was born in a small village in Kerala, India. He was raised in the Christian seminary in pursuit of self discovery on the path of God. Alen discovered his passion for storytelling from St Vincent School days. Alen wrote small stories based on his experiences in the seminary, and even his own dreams and shared it with all who would listen.

During Alen’s adult life, he discovered his new talent in music and became the master of tabla. Alen went on to perform in many venues and events, receiving remarkable praises from many. In his later years, Alen formed a band called SAREGAMA in Seattle, which traveled and performed together, until their disbandment in March 2009.

Alen discovered that he need a life changing experience and did a service for the world he loved. His new found journey led him to the United States where he enlisted in the US Military. Alen’s active 10 year career in the military earned him the rank of Staff Sargeant, before he volunteerily retired with a host of awards and accolades for deploying in combat while serving his country and home.

Alen’s new quest is the one he embarked since his military service to this day…Hollywood.

Alen was enrolled in New York Film Academy where he learned the trade to improve his storytelling skills, writing, directing, filmmaking and acting. Alen Matters also was a student at the Radio and Television Academy in Huntington Beach California.


Alen has been credited with a slew of student films and independent films under his resume. Alen’s journey led him to do television, one of them has earned his recurring role on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” as one of the Indian Outsource members. Alen also done a few online viral videos working with “Funny or Die”. Alen became Co-Founder in his new YouTube Channel “All That Matters Production” along with his son, Kori Matters who is also a writer, Director, Actor and Co-Founder of the same production. The father-son duo has released a few videos and their first short film they created and performed together entitled “Heaven is Hell”. Recently, Alen has flew to India where he has produced and starred in his first feature length film entitled “Nawal The Jewel”, that also stars Malayalam actress Shweta Menon and “Life of Pi” star Adil Hussain.

Alen Matters has proven over the course of his life, that obstacles are not dead ends, but a choice. You can choose to let those obstacles stop you or you can find away to burst through them. Alen is a gifted talented individual, an international hero, and an incredible human being. There is no telling what new quest he will be embarking on, you will just have to wait and see.

Today I am here before your reputed banner.

Give this veteran an opportunity.

Very respectfully

Alen Matters: +1(213) 322-5442

A Combat Veteran of Iraq war with diverse Middle Eastern / East Indian characteristics age range from 25-40 yrs male. An actor from New York Film Academy(Los Angeles)with valid US passport. I have done 15 short films and a SAG AFTRA member settled in Los Angeles.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me electronically,I look forward to meet you in future.

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